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Parent Forms

All forms must be completed prior to the first day of school.

Authorization for Release Form

This form will indicate to us who is providing transportation for your child other than Mom and Dad.

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Photograph Release Form

This form will allow HLCC to have your child’s photograph used on the website or in various types of advertising.

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Child Enrollment and Health Information

You can fill this form out for your child. There can be no blank areas on the form. If the item doesn’t apply, please use the term “n/a” to indicate that.  You must complete each entry.  For example, if both parents live at the same address, you must WRITE OUT the address each place it occurs on the form.  Please do not use “Same as Above”, “Same”, or similar verbiage to complete this form.  This will need to be complete before the first day of school.

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Child Medical Statement

This form needs to be filled out by the family physician before the child comes to school for the first day.

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Financial Obligation Letter

This form needs to be completed and returned with the enrollment form.

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