Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Pre-K Education for 4-5 year olds

Our two-day or three-day pre-kindergarten programs are designed for children ages four and five and provide the foundation for your child to further develop a lifetime love of learning. Our curriculum, taught in a Christian atmosphere, promotes independence while preparing students emotionally and cognitively for kindergarten. The two-day program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with option of choosing either the all day program (9am.-2pm.) or an afternoon session (12:30pm-3pm). Our three-day program is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and parents may choose either a morning (9-11:30) or afternoon session (12:30-3), or an all day program from 9am. to 2pm.

Like our preschool program, our specialized curriculum encourages learning through play— with our dedicated teachers guiding your child in both group and individual-focused settings. Working in conjunction with Southwest Licking’s Kindergarten Center, we strive to provide your child with a seamless transition from pre-K to kindergarten.

Pre-K Registration

Specific goals for your child’s pre-K experience at Hosanna Lutheran Childhood Center include:

  • To recognize, trace and write name
  • To understand letters can become words
  • To count to 20
  • To recognize and understand simple geometric shapes
  • To follow directions
  • To begin to understand cultural differences of people
  • To verbalize personal identification including name, address, telephone number, birth date and age

* Please note that children must be at least four years old by August 1st to attend Hosanna Lutheran Childhood Center’s pre-K program.