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Tuition Rebate for Church & Preschool Families

Hosanna /HLCC Family Tuition Reimbursement Rebate

This is a way for us at Hosanna to financially support HLCC families who attend Hosanna during these difficult and inflation-driven times.

A 20% tuition rebate will be credited retroactively twice a year (January and May) for each child attending HLCC whose family meets the following expectations.

The tuition reimbursement credit is available for families who actively attend and participate in Sunday service and programs at Hosanna.

  • Active attendance at Sunday services – Families need to attend a minimum of 50% of the Sunday services during the August to December and/ or the January to May period. Just note it on the attendance sheets.
  • Active participation by volunteering or attendance at programs and events of the Church. Families who attend at least one event and volunteer for at least one other event between August and December and/or between January and May will satisfy this expectation. Just have a Hosanna member sign off on this.
  • No specific monthly contribution or donation amount to the Church is required. Contributions or donations are certainly appreciated.
  • The reimbursement rebate for the August to December, first semester, will be applied toward the students account for the second semester in January. The reimbursement rebate for the January to April second semester will be applied to the student’s account and must be used as a credit toward tuition in the summer/next school year. If the student or younger sibling is not participating in summer shorts or attending the 2024/2025 school year, a rebate check will be mailed this summer.

It is our hope that you will find this ministry beneficial to your family. We see this as an opportunity to support our existing members families while offering other HLCC families an opportunity to get to know our Hosanna Church family.

Denny Weinzierl
Hosanna Council President

HLCC Rebate for HLC Families