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Ms. Lori’s HLCC Orientation Video

Classroom A Video

Classroom B Video

Classroom C Video

Classroom D Video

Snacks – Each student will bring their own snack to class. Children are encouraged to bring a small snack bag with a healthy snack such as apple sauce, goldfish, fruit, etc. Please put their snack in a Ziplock bag and clearly label it with their name.


  • Learning can get messy. Please make sure your student wears something they can get dirty.
  • If the weather is above 35°, we WILL be going outside to learn and play. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately.
  • If your student wears a dress, please make sure that they also wear shorts underneath.
  • Please do not have your child wear flip flops or sandals without a back.

Birthdays – Due to time constraints, there will be no parties in class. We will sing happy birthday and give your child a birthday card. Please do not bring in any food for your child’s birthday due to allergies. We will be happy to send home a treat bag if you wish to provide one for their classmates.

Arts/Crafts – Any worksheets, arts, crafts, etc. that your child completes will be sent home. Please make sure that you look at what they bring home, as they have worked very hard and are proud to show you.

Click HERE for pick up and drop of times and our new procedures.

HLCC Family Handbook

HLCC Reopening Plan